19 October 2011 @ 12:13 pm
I have never been so fucking terrified in my life until playing this game.

Fuck Amnesia: The Dark Descent so hard and then love it for all the humanity it's returned to you; without fear, the good things don't nearly shine as lovely. By gods, I'm a lucky sonnuva gun who has the opportunity to feel fear without risking my life, without suffering, and by gods, I'm thankful I'm quaking in my jammies and not in my boots somewhere else learning what death is firsthand, starvation and evil too. I tip my hat to the creators of this extraordinary game, because it literally had me to tears because I was so afraid of getting caught. Here's to the musicians who added such a wonderful ambiance; here's to the writers for conjuring a man so dislikeable that my blood is boiling.

Here's to creating a protagonist who we adopt as our own mind while playing this game; here's to the ability to let go of the real world and immerse ourselves in this terrifying, hellish fuckpot as we try to understand why catching starlight is so wrong and why we need to kill this man because our bodies are young and strong, and his is old and weak.

Protip: Save your goddamn oil and tinderboxes for when you really need them, and holy fuck will you need them when the game takes off its skirt and reveals the racy, lacy garters and the manly bits it's gonna fuck you with.

oh god, if eel: scared